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Futura Biryani

BBQ: Bangalore Biryani Quetient

86% of people in Bangalore order biryani from a restaurant.
Zero% think that Climate Change is a myth.

I do not access hyperobjects across a distance, through some transparent medium. Hyperobjects are here, right here in my social and experiential space. Like faces pressed against a window, they leer at me menacingly: their very nearness is what menaces. - Timothy Morton, Hyperobjects

95% think there are still significant amount of plastic used by restaurants in food packaging

Every day, global warming burns the skin on the back of my neck, making me itch with physical discomfort and inner anxiety.

Evolution unfolds in my genome as my cells divide and mutate, as my body clones itself, as one of my sperm cells mixes it up with an egg.


As I reach for the iPhone charger plugged into the dashboard, I reach into evolution, into the extended phenotype that doesn’t stop at the edge of my skin but continues into all the spaces my humanness has colonized.

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